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Beautiful Money Leis by Denise

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Hi there and Aloha!!! First of all this site, Denise’s website, is NOT open for business, just yet.  For now it is for testing purposes only (until further notice). 

Thank you for visiting.  If you’re looking for that special gift for a love one, family member or friends, something unique for that special person for occasions such as graduations; birthdays; anniversaries; weddings and milestones like retirement, well, search no more because you are definitely in the right place.  Denise’s leis, money leis and sports leis are handicrafts made of quality materials that are “carefully hand-made with good taste in mind”.  They’re truly gift for all occasions.  There are many different styles to choose from, and whichever one you pick, rest assure it is made close to perfection.  “Denise’s leis, money leis and sports leis truly last a lifetime, your satisfaction is guaranteed!”By the way, if you’re interested in a simple functional website like this one, please fill out the “Contact Me” field to get in touch with me.


All items in this website arehandmade“, therefore it is important that you call ASAP to place your order(s) ahead of time (preferably 1 week or more in advance). Otherwise, your order might not arrive on time for the occasion. I will ship anywhere possible, the buyer pays the shipping cost and insurance (optional) if you want.  There are four money lei arrangements to choose from (flowers and colors may vary),  larger denominations (e.g., $5, $10, $20, $50, $100) are available upon request.

Lei #M1. Thirty (30) one dollar bills with kukui nuts and leaves $00.00 plus shipping and handling.

Lei #M2. Thirty (30) one dollar bills with silk flowers, leaves and beads $00.00 plus shipping & handling.

Lei #M3. Fifty (50) one dollar bills with silk flowers and leaves. $00.00 plus shipping & handling.

Lei #M4. Fifty (50) 1 dollar bill with leaves only. $00.00 plus shipping:

To ensure availability of the above items, please fill out the “Contact Me” field, thank you.

After you click on “Add to Cart”, Your shopping cart will appear above this line.  Please make sure to check your cart before proceeding to pay to make sure the item(s) you chose, is what is in your shopping cart.  As always, your business is truly appreciated, thank you very much for your order(s).  And please don’t forget to tell your friends about Denise’s leis and money leis, thank you.

For your protection and mine, I will only accept paypal-001 for payment.  It is safe, quick and convenient. Why risk giving everyone (you do business with) access to your credit card number when PayPal is all you need?  They do NOT give out any credit card information, period.  You shop on-line, you pay through PayPal (backed by the credit card you have on file with them) and that’s it.  You don’t have to give your credit card information to “anyone” each time you make a purchase on-line and that’s safe, quick and convenient. So if you haven’t establish an account yet getting one is really very simple,Click_Here-003  to go to their website to setup an account… It’s peace of mind.

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Money Leis by Denise


Standard Hawaiian Leis by Denise

      Lei #1a   Lei #2a

      Lei #21a   Lei #4a

      Lei #16a   LeiS #2a

      LeiS #1   LeiS #3

      IMG_1095   IMG_1096

If you have questions regarding your order(s) or just want to inquire something about my leis, please click on the “Contact Me” form (on the upper right corner of this page), fill out the form with your question(s) and I will do my best to promptly get back with you as soon as possible, thank you.

Rear View Mirror Accessories (Hand-Made) by Denise

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 RVMH-F1  Hand made to perfection and will last a long time.  RVMH  RVMH-Sample

       Forty-Niners (c)                Raiders (c)                RVM Hangers  (c)                   Sample (c)

Copyright 2013 – All Rights Reserved

RVM Accessories Availability by Teams

Niners5$00.00 Sample
KansasCity-001$00.00 Sample
GreenBay-001$00.00 Sample

Standard Hawaiian Leis

 Leis_2$30.00 Lei #1
 Lei #9$21.00 Lei #9
 IMG_0987$8.00 Lei #3
 Lei #10$21.00 Lei #10

 On Sale For a Limited Time Only… Contact Me!!!

 RVMH-F1$25.00 “HOT
 RVMH-R1$25.00 “HOT
 IMG_1045$25.00 Lei #5
 IMG_1041$21.00 Lei #6
 IMG_1042$21.00 Lei #7
Lei #20$30.00 Lei #20
Lei #8$12.00 Lei #8
 Lei #11$18.00 Lei #11
Lei #18$21.00 Lei #18
Lei #14$21.00 Lei #14
Lei #15$21.00 Lei #15
Lei #12$21.00 Lei #12

Do you like decorating?  Then visit one of the events listed below during the summer I am sure you will  be glad you went. And if you have the knack for being creative and make things from scratch, you will definitely feel being in the right place. The “Art and Wine Festival” is definitely an event you don’t want to miss. It’s a place to be to see what the rest of the creative people (just like you) are doing.  Honestly, you will be amazed at some of the stuff you’ll see… Just nice beautiful things. The one held in Mountain View, CA is our favorite and one of the popular ones during the summer. Just a sea of vendors lined up left and right probably stretching six or more blocks.  So, if you are a crafty one, these events are the go to places to be (during the summer) to showcase your creation.  Otherwise, if you’re just looking for a place to relax, unwind and have fun, you are also in the right place, No bs 🙂 …  Good food, excellent wine and good music, LIVE 😉 . If you haven’t been to one yet,  you are truly missing a  good thing. And for you locals in the San Francisco bay area, check out the list below and try to go to one next summer. Four of the major ones are as follows, just a sea of vendors and bric-a-brac galore, guaranteed.

Four of the finest “Art and Wine Festivals” in the San Francisco bay area are as follows  (attend one during the summer and you will be entertained, satisfaction guaranteed,  it’s pure fun and enjoyment) see you there:   

MillbraeArtWineFestival  for Fremont:  for Mtn.View:  for Millbrae:  for Sausalito:  

  for a San Francisco treat, see one of the city’s pride and joy, the Powell St. Cable Car in motion.

The location alone makes this venue truly unique. And for everyone living around the Bay Area and the Central Valley, this is one event you really want to experience at least once. It is held every last weekend of the month.  The Treasure Island Flea, Click_Here-003 to visit their website,  has a venue similar to an Art & Wine Festival with one big difference, it’s held on an island overlooking the beautiful city of San Francisco. Your eyes will feast at the panoramic view of the city (scenic view of Alcatraz, Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge… all-inclusive lol 😉 ). Just awesome beautiful scenery of the city by the bay, home to the five (5) times Superbowl champion San Francisco Forty 49ers; the seven (7) times World Series champs San Francisco Giants; and soon coming back to THE CITY, the exciting young guns of the amazing (World Champions) Golden State Warriors.


Thank you very much for your interest in  Denise’s Beautiful Leis and Money LeisSweet Kiss. Aloha! Mahalo!… Good luck and good health to you, and as always, God bless us all.